About The Studio

Hey ya'll! I am a southern girl, born and raised in Lexington, with a little Nashville and Ireland sprinkled in between.  I grew up around storytellers, my grandparents were in the rodeo and took loads of pictures documenting their lives.  These photographs have always fascinated me and they are my most prized possesions.  In 2009, right out of studying art in college, I got the opportunity to second shoot for some of the regions top photographers at the time.  It was an amazing experience where I learned so much, and immediately fell in love with weddings.  

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My favorite thing about weddings is you get to see so much of two peoples lives in one day, their whole family is there telling stories, sharing memories, and at the same time this couple is starting a brand new story together, it's magical to be able to capture all of that.  In 2012, I got engaged and asked my fiance to get me my own camera gear in lieu of a ring.  He obliged and since then my business and our family has grown.  Since I started Kate McStay Photography, it has always been my mission to take photographs that will keep telling your story for generations to come, heirlooms that one day your grandchild will cherish as much as I cherish my grandparents photos. 

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