The story of a photographer

I'm obsessed with everything weddings--every detail, every speech, every first dance song that gets picked. It overjoys me to see two people start their beautiful journey in life together surrounded by all their closest loved ones. There is at least three times at every wedding to this day that I'm floored by how blessed I am to do this job.

In 2009 the amazing Angela Anderson took me on as an intern, recognizing my eye like she has with so many wonderful photographers in Kentucky. I learned so much from her before eventually going out on my own to start Kate McStay in 2012. Over 200 weddings (that's a lot!) later and I still cry when my couples have their first look, I fan girl out every Saturday at color schemes and bouquets, and I love the creativity I get to pour into each wedding photo to make them fresh and incredible. I will be there from day one with you, you can reach out to me for more than just photography. I have worked with almost every vendor in the area and have seen everything possible that can happen during a wedding. I'm not just your photographer, I'm here to get to know you and your plans inside and out. I want to capture every detail you have put so much time and attention into, and I want you to be relaxed knowing your images are going to be even more amazing than you even expected.


I get asked a lot about what my style is. I shoot in a few styles, sometimes light and airy, sometimes true color and once or twice super dark and moody. That's because my style isn't about how I edit, it's about my eye and my creativity. I work with you to get the perfect pictures, we talk about lighting specific to your day, color schemes, everything that would contribute to the best possible edits. We also work together to create a perfect look that you might be aiming for. If you want light and airy we talk about lighting in hotel rooms to get ready at, the best places to shoot your formals, etc. But don't worry, there's no lighting situation I can't handle and we can make any vision a reality! And if you don't have something specific in mind? That's ok too! I've got it under control to walk you through it!

Since I will be with you all day on one of the biggest days of your life, you probably would like to know a little about me personally too! While photography is my full time job and passion I am an artist at my core, I knit, sew, paint, I own a kiln for my ceramics and have a wood shop for fun in my garage. If I can learn to make it on the internet, I've probably tried it before. I am high energy, like never idyl high energy, it let's me get a lot accomplished but it also helps me stay on my toes all day at a wedding! I live with my dog Hot Sauce in Lexington where I grew up in a race horse obsessed family. My favorite thing to do is drink beer and watch Jeopardy, and I will most likely tell you at least one dinosaur fact when I meet you. I love interior design and redecorated my own house so often now friends have me do theirs too. I love pizza and 80's/90's romatic comedies and watch Home Alone at least once a month. I hate being on the other side of a camera so I know how much you do too, I think that makes me better able to make you comfortable. I like to not take anything too seriously and think laughter is the best way to spend a day.


Email me and let's set up a time to connect on the phone or for a drink in person so I can answer any questions you might have!


Kimber and Matt

“We had the chance to work with Kate three times, our engagement and BOTH our weddings (Covid)! We loved her so much we couldn't wait for her to shoot us again. She helped walk us through everything and was so great at communicating and posing without us feeling bossed around. She's there when you need her and in the background shooting when you don't so you don't feel like you have a camera in your face the whole day even though you do. We LOVED her!”

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