Braxton + Kayla

So if you follow my blog or instagram you’ve seen Kayla’s engagement and know the funny story of how I know her. Let me just say, this was one of the most unique and favorite weddings I’ve ever shot. I hope to never have the same situation again but I must say it was really, really fun. Kayla had a huge wedding planned with 175, almost all guests from different states. Enter Covid. Enter complete shutdown and only being allowed to congregate outside with no more than five people. I’ll tell you right now, I got excellent use of my zoom lens on this one. Kayla had to cancel her wedding but they didn’t want to wait. They wanted to keep their original date and honestly were super ready to start a family. So she called me and asked if I could do something in the park down the street from my house. I called one of my best friends who is ordained online and he stopped fixing his car to come do the five minute ceremony and sign their paperwork they had gotten before the shutdown. Braxton’s parents came and stood off to the side, holding cellphones up so all of their family and friends could join a zoom call and watch. My favorite part? All of their family and friends in their own covid bubbles all over the United States dressed up to the nines like they were attending in person! Kayla and Braxton had some fun with it and brought some Covid props, those photos of them were featured on too many blogs to list them all but they went a little viral, haha, sorry bad pun. Enjoy!

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