John + Angie

I love love, and even more I love weddings. I don’t always get a chance to shoot weddings where the Bride and Groom have done them before. I usually double as planner, advice giver, day of coordinator, I get it, I’ve been to hundreds of weddings, it’s usually the Bride and Groom’s first experience planning one. The vibe at one like this is a scaled down version of most my Saturday’s but not the love, the love here was tremendous.

This is a real When Harry Met Sally meet cute too. John and Angie both lived in Paris, Kentucky for years. They had a ton of mutual friends. Angie knew Johns ex-wife well. They went to the same bank. But they never actually met until they were both single. Enter, and honestly they’ve never ended their first date. Went out for drinks to meet one night and have been inseparable since. Angie is a cancer survivor and John immigrated from Ireland with nothing in his pockets in the 80’s. Both have faced incredible challenges in life to get to where they are now, and it shows in their absolute joy and zest for life. John’s amazing family flew in from Ireland and Angie’s came in from all over Kentucky. Melding the two was instant and the festivities were roaring for a week. By the time they got to the wedding day everyone was old friends. The guinness and moonshine flowed, the sing song of trad songs lasted late into the night and I honestly don’t think they stopped holding hands for one second! Enjoy!