Josh + Danielle

This wedding at Talon Winery had ALL the feels. Josh the groom had been married before and had two children, he and the bride Danielle raise them pretty much full time together. So it was very important to Danielle to include them throughout the day. She did a first look with both and gave them each gifts denoting that this day meant she was officially their Mom now, the kids cried, she cried, we all cried. This whole day was all about incorporating the old with the new. See the pictures with the extra wedding dress hanging on the door? That was her moms wedding dress, veil and shoes! Her something blue was her grandmothers hanky from her wedding day. They poured sand together that got sent off and turned into a permanent glass sculpture for their home. My favorite is that they did ‘open’ speeches where anyone who wanted to say something could. Her brother was there and very nervous but made a point to get up and say something. You can see in the picture below he brought down the house and made the bride almost fall out of her chair with laughter. A few months after this event her brother unexpectedly passed away. It was heartbreaking to hear and I can’t imagine how hard it was for the family. Not all photographers photograph speeches, especially when there are a lot of them. I do, and I’m so glad I do because this memory of pure joy between the two is now something they can look back on forever and hopefully smile. The wedding day was beautiful but more than anything I am so glad her brother got to be there and I was able to capture multiple moments of them together being silly, joking to each other, you could feel the bond between them on the day.  This wedding was shot post-Covid and I think we’ve all had reminders to cherish everyday but I can truly say that this couple did that and looking back I’m so glad we were able to open back up and have it on the day they did.