Kayla + Braxton

I actually know Kayla in the most random way. Her cousin is my childhood best friend Emily who you can see all over the blog and my instagram. Kayla graduated college in her hometown in Massachusetts and was looking for a change.  She came down to Kentucky to visit Emily and like most people that visit Lexington, fell in love. But she had no job, not a lot of money and knew only Emily. So I have a spare room and asked her if she wanted to use it while she got on her feet and met people. Her and her cat Grizz moved in the next week. She stayed with me for a few months while she met people her age, got really into Lexington Rugby, got a job she loved and eventually moved in her own apartment. And then she met Braxton. Everything happened fast as it usually does in love, they are now married with a baby! You can see her Covid wedding here! Enjoy!