Kiptoo + Joann

If you’re from Lexington you probably already know Kiptoo and probably Joann too. Kiptoo is an artist here in Lexington and Joann a liquor rep, Kip has been published in all kinds of magazines and his work is dotted all over town. I was so excited when they asked me to be their photographer. I have photographed Kip working quite a bit for various publications but this was so special.

Because of Covid travel restrictions Kip’s family wasn’t able to come from Kenya to attend the wedding. Jo wanted to make sure to incorporate as much traditional things from home as possible for him. She did such an awesome job of melding her Kentucky roots with his African ones. Her and her mom scoured the whole state for months collecting antiques to adorn the tables, including buying one off china pieces for the plates. Friends did the beautiful arch for the ceremony as well as all the flowers. Her dress was made from her Mother’s wedding gown and Kip’s mother sent over jewelry she handmade for both of them to wear. They made masks for any guest that wanted them out of vibrant Kenyan fabric. And even cuter a family tradition of putting a penny in the bride’s shoe for luck was done by her stepdad.  The event was catered by Local Feed. My favorite part was when Kip did traditional African dancing and Jo had learned it and joined in. It was a lovely night full of love and lots of bourbon!