Glennis + Christian

The Bride and Groom both got ready at the Omni Hotel in Downtown, Louisville. They then headed to Walnut Way Wedding Venue. Christian waited to see Glennis for the first look, how incredible is Glennis' wedding dress?!? I love that Christian's tie matched it with the flowers on both. They then took pictures together and with their daughter before heading over to the barn for the ceremony where their dear friend, with their daughter strapped to his chest, married them. Then things got hilarious. Glennis' grandparents had come out three weeks before and buried a bourbon bottle for the couple to dig up for good luck. But by the time of the wedding the grass had regrown and noone could remember exactly where it was. After a solid effort by most the guests with a shovel it was finally discovered to great joy of everyone. All the guests walked the 1/2 mile back to an intimate backyard setting for a catered dinner. The cake was cut after heartfelt speeches and then the night was danced away full of love and joy!