Larkin + Ravi

When Larkin first contacted me about shooting her wedding she had already shot her engagement in downtown New York City. Ravi had arranged for a photographer there to capture his proposal and photos after. I immediately could see how in love they were and how insanely romantic their story was. I couldn’t wait for her to book me so we could get started planning everything for the big day.

Ravi was a UK basketball player and Larkin a former Miss Kentucky contestant, it was like a romantic movie in real life. The all star marries the beauty, but there is so much more to this couple. They share a strong belief in God, a love for Ravi’s son, and a plan for their lives together that was so cohesive it was inspirational just to be around them. Of course I used Downtown as the main backdrop for their photos, both of them are so involved in our community. The cops even stopped traffic on the bridge so I could grab the epic shot of them kissing over the city skyline. It was an amazing wedding full of details unique to them as a couple. They are two of the nicest people and it was an honor to see their journey together begin.

Published in Kentucky Bride Magazine.